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Frequently Asked Questions

How are prices calculated ?

The price shown at the top is the minimum price per month. When you upload products, the price is calculated based on the number and price of that products, in a monthly basis, but re-calculated daily so you don’t spend more.


A simple example:  If I have a Marketplace subscription, I have to pay a minimum of $99/month. Then you upload 100 products of $10 each, which means 100 x 10 x 0.01 ( 1% ) = $10 for a whole month. If you have a variable number of products, or their price change some days, the calculation may vary, but in this case, as there’s a minimum of $99, the $10 do not apply. 

For 100 products of $300 each, you’ll get a full month price of 100 x 300 x 0.01 (1%) = $300. But if you have these 100 products only the half of a month, the price will be $150.


Why are the prices so cheap ?

When you do normal paid marketing, you pay for every click, because it’s hard to maintain the technology that points the products to the best target customers. We know exactly which products our users want to buy, as they select them with our search engine. 

So we don’t need to spend a lot on technology only to target the perfect customer.

What if a user selected some of my products ?

Products selected by a user do not get removed when your subscription ends ( if you do not want to extend it ), but your product won’t appear in the user search results if you finish your subscription, or you remove the product/s.

You agree with a right to the page for maintaining the product image, link, and any other product-related data you uploaded, so our page can show the information of that product if some user still have it in their wishlist. 

This do not obligates your page to maintain data, it’s only a right of usage for to hold the service for the final users, that would be surprised if some of their products silently dissapeared or shows stale data ( like broken images ).



What if I need more than 500 products ?

You will get a price based on the total number of products you have at the same time, dividing the monthly price by the number of days they’re available in Babelgift, but there’s a limit of 500 products in the Marketplace plan. If you upload more than these limit, you’ll be warned as another subscription for this month could be added and charged. If you proceed, you can upload as much products as you want, in fractions of 500 per subscription.

You will be notified of any subscription charge before to proceed, each time. We do not subtle charge our customers, and every action should be fairly approved by you.


What if I want to cancel my subscription ?

You can cancel at any time, we have an easy panel for you to easily control your subscriptions, your payments and invoices. 

If you cancel a currently active subscription, it will last in the next 30 days ( or the days remaining until the monthly contract ) and you won’t be charged again. You will still able to operate with your subscription until that end.


Can I get a refund if I don’t like the service ?

As you have a free tier, you can test our service without paying, so we do not refund subscriptions unless there’s another reason. Please use our free tier as a test if you are unsure about our services.