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Babelgift.com is a social network for gifts, where users can search in Amazon and other big and local stores to make their wishlist, chat, group gifting and a lot more features. 

Our marketing platform is really targeted, as our users have chosen the exact products they want to receive, and they can link to your e-commerce.

Let your products appear in our searches !


Best Targeted Customers

Big SEM marketing platforms are expensive, due to competence and engineering to get to your target customers.

Affordable Marketing

We know exactly which products our users want to buy, and that allow us to provide the cheapest and most targeted campaigns with no effort.

Safe your time

Almost no configuration needed. Spend your time improving your product or your other channels.  We have the same price for all the country.

Best targeted campaigns

“We want to revolution the online marketing, making it affordable, simple and fair for everyone, including local commerce and start-ups.”

Lucas de la Fuente, CEO of Babelgift.com

Our experts driving the company

We’ve succeeded with other start-ups and projects in the past. We expert the internals of International Online Marketing, Programming, Design, SEM, Tracking, SEO, Social Media, Product Development and e-Commerce, and above all these, we love what we do, everyday.

Lucas de la Fuente CEO and founder of babelgift.com

Lucas de la Fuente

CEO, Founder

Leticia Bustamante COO and Cofounder of babelgift.com

Leticia Bustamante

CPO, Cofounder

María Vidjrakou Social Media and Marketing Strategist

María Vidjrakou

Social Media & Online Marketing Strategist

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What Our Customers Say

What our customers say about us Babelgift - Sandi Peters

Sandi Peters

Best web for gifting ! We made a group to buy the presents for my friend Katya, and it was very easy, the page calculates the amount due by each one, we chat with others searching and adding gifts, it was never so easy.

What our customers say about us Babelgift - Mike Bolton

Mike Bolton

It was a pain to receive the same gifts every year, things that no one really wants. Since I have my list in Babelgift, I get only things I want. No more “this should like it” presents, mate. Very useful page, and very easy to use.

What our customers say about us Babelgift - Adriana Gómez

Adriana Gómez

I used to spend a lot of time trying to figure out what my son would like for birthday, and now I can simply check his list. May everyone have a list in babelgift, so It’d be easier to make presents. Not everytime we have to surprise people.